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How accurate are Online Estimates?  

There are many websites that try to estimate the value of a property using a computer program.


These estimates are mostly calculated based on information from:

Public Records:


Livings space in square feet

Total Number of bedrooms & bathrooms, etc.

MLS information for nearby properties:

Recent sales

Historical sales prices


Why Real Estate Agent Estimates more accurate?  

Agents have access to much more information to calculate a better Value Estimate. The Agent will help you by itemizing the features and condition of everything inside and outside the home. The Agent can compare the other homes in your area that sold with yours and include the features of your home into the estimate. The Agent will go and inspect all of the homes in the area to provide pricing guidance on homes that are in direct competition for your home buyers.


Real Estate Agents have different approaches to strategies to win your business. 

To get the listing, some Agents twist the truth.


You may have seen Real Estate Agent marketing to you with “I can sell your house today for $xxx,xxx. Many customers cancel their agreement with their Agents as pricing above market has only wasted time and led to significant price reductions without concluding the sale.


Some less trustworthy Agents will tell you anything that they think you want to hear, usually starting with a very high price. The Agent should be prepared to show you how he calculated the recommended sales price. Ask the Agent to show how the price was calculated and make sure that the comparable properties are very close to your location and have the same lot and living space attributes.


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Talk to a Top Agent for an Estimated Market price based on the features unique to your property.

Not just a computer program.

The best pricing answers only come after the Agent has carefully inspected your home from front to back, inside and out. The Agent will itemize your improvements and condition of every aspect of your home to determine the price range you should be able to sell for considering current the market.


Save Now Realty has more experience than most Agents based on properties Sold, not just years of working in the business. Sales volume is much more important, as we know more direct experience to base our pricing estimates and advice to you. Sales experience with than 1500+ properties means we know more about how to market your home to get the highest price in the Market. 


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We only have praise for our experience with the Save Now team. They are extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, and always had our best interests in mind. They are leaders in the profession for a reason – professionalism and experience, combined with sincere care for clients, is exceptional.
- Lorna N

Very helpful!

The Save Now team was very helpful during the process since this was the first home purchase on my own. They also helped me contact a home inspector that was reliable as well as referring some financial planners. I was very pleased with their expertise and am happy in my home.
- Al B.

Highly Recommended

The Save Now team is a fantastic, and certainly went above and beyond our expectations! As first time home buyers, we were unsure of how to navigate the process of buying a house and we weren't entirely sure what we were looking for. The Save Now team was extremely knowledgeable and really helped us objectively look at the houses we were considering. We found a house we love and the Save Now team has helped us out even further with contractor recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend the Save Now team to anyone!
- Jenny S.