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Central Valley homes Continue to be a Great Investment…


Our communities are experiencing growth in home values:

  • Merced homes increased in value by 11.9% over the past year and analysts predict an increase by 8.6% in the next year.

  • Madera homes increased in value by 10.9% over the past year and analysts predict an increase by 7.7% in the next year.

  • Fresno homes increased in value by 8.9% over the past year and analysts predict an increase by 6.9% in the next year.



Even with the record low inventory of homes available in our market today, home buyers still are very choosy. Everyone is carrying a smartphone in their pockets and searching daily for any new properties being marketed as “Coming Soon” or for sale in the MLS.

Buyers are looking for the best, and compare every home on the market easily. Any home for sale can be easily overlooked or forgotten if it’s not in the best presentable condition.

Below are common tips to consider when preparing for home buyers.



How to improve your success:

Get Professional to Help Price Your Home

Not Pricing a home properly is by far the number one reason why buyers consider buying a home. Pricing the property based on the current market is the key to success. On many occasions, owners will use Zillow and their Zestimate pricing tool thinking this is a good way to help price their home.

Most homeowners don’t realize just how far off online valuations can be when determining real market value.  If you have not met with a local real estate agent, it is easy to understand why…

While usually, online home estimates are in the ballpark on value, they do not include the features and condition of the homes which they are comparing. Save Now Realty will examine both the comparable sales, what other similar houses in your area are selling for, as well as homes under contract. We will carefully take notes on the features and condition unique to your home for creating a comparison to share with you. Our goal is to price your home at the high value, but not too high and discourage buyers from making you offers.

Homes that you will be competing against may be priced incorrectly and are not getting offers.  Only sold home data can accurately tell us what buyers are willing to pay for a similar home. If you are not comfortable speaking to a real estate Agent, then hire an appraiser to properly appraise your home. Appraisers are just as qualified as an Agent to give you an accurate picture of your home’s value.

Valuing a home is one of the most difficult jobs of a real estate Agent. Agents need to be truthful to homeowners and prepare all of the current and historical information with compareable homes in the area so the pricing of your home will be as accurate as possible.

Get your Value!



Get a Home Inspection

Keep in mind that one of the many roles of a real estate Agent is to represent your best interests when selling a home. Representation includes negotiating what turns up at the home inspection. Many sales are either salvaged or lost due to the expertise in negotiating with the buyer and their Agent after the home inspection.

By having a professional come in and inspect your home before the sale takes place you will be able to remedy any issues that could stop a sale. You may be surprised by what the inspector tells you. There may be issues with certain parts of the home that you were unaware of.

Work with your Agent to determine how to proceed with the results of the inspection. Most of these items can be repaired, and some can often be negotiated in the sale price.

What you may not know it that tons of home sales fall apart at the home inspection. A disastrous home inspection is one of the biggest roadblocks to selling a home.

Do not worry, Save Now Realty can provide you with the experience of over 1500+ homes sold. We know best about how to prepare your home for sale at the highest price and the least effort.



List Your Homes Strong Points

Most every property has some quality that is worth emphasizing to buyers. This is another area where many real estate agents excel. They know how to look at a property and see its strong suites. Now it is time for you to do the same. Your school district, neighborhood, nearby stores or restaurants, open spaces, the new carpeting you put in – write down everything you can think of that would make someone want your home. You’ll want to know these things by heart when talking to prospective buyers.

One of the services that some of the better real estate Agents will provide is found in their marketing materials. A great Agent will spend considerable money on their marketing, including brochures that say WOW! You can tell when a real estate Agent has put the time and effort into their print marketing.

Their photography is exceptional and captures the key features of your home. Many Agents have excellent writing skills and create very attractive descriptions that capture a buyer’s attention.



Prepare your House For Buyers

One of the most important considerations for selling a home by owner is getting it ready for the market. You want buyers to love your home as much as you do.

Take a close look at your home for any major issues that you have the time and money to fix. Sometimes it is the little things you do before putting your home up for sale that can make all the difference in the world.

Most common issues include things like pet damage, worn carpet, odors, and yard maintenance. Consider affordable improvements that may add value, including painting the interior and exterior of the home, minor remodel of the kitchen and bathrooms, new carpet, replace appliances, improve with clean landscaping.

Once the repairs and remodeling are finished, clean the house from top to bottom and keep it that way as much as possible while the home is up for sale.



How to make the Outside of your Home Stand Out!

Improve your landscaping. Curb appeal is so very important to making a good first impression, so make sure your home’s front yard is perfect. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant new flowers.

Clean the outside. A dirty exterior will make buyers think you’ve slacked off on interior maintenance as well. Be sure to clean the surrounding areas and pressure wash your home’s exterior so home buyers will want to come in and see the rest of your home.

Make the front door inviting. A fresh coat of paint, especially in a color that contrasts with the home, will make the front door stand out. Replace faded house numbers so buyers can see them from the curb.



Increase your Home’s value with only necessary repairs!

In a buyer’s market, you want your home to be in the best condition possible. Take care of major defects like broken windows or a leaky roof that could disappoint buyers.

Save Now Realty’s team will help you decide what items need to be fixed and others that you can avoid wasting money on. With the experience of selling more than 1500+ homes, we are experts in preparing homes for sale.





How to attract the Highest Offers!

Remove clutter and depersonalize. Buyers want to envision their belongings in your home. Clean up by renting a storage unit for decorations, photos, extra furniture and other personal items.

Make every surface shine. From ceiling fans to floors and everything in between, clean your home until it sparkles.

Neutral colors. You might like bold colors, but potential buyers typically like cool neutral interior painted walls. Repainting your walls is a valuable and low-cost way to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Organize closets and drawers. Disorganized closets give the appearance that your home doesn’t have enough storage space and may turn away buyers.

Eliminate bad odors. When selling your home, avoid filling the air with strong food smells. Hide the litter box and spray air neutralizer throughout your home and put out fresh flowers.



Get the Word Out

Marketing a home correctly involves much more than putting a sign up in the yard. Save Now Realty will advertise your home in multiple places with an established network of contacts to spread the news.

Take advantage of the Save Now Realty marketing program to attract buyers on Social Media, Email, Internet and the

MLS. The MLS is the number one source of information that reaches buyers. The listing will also be visible on online real estate portals such as,, and many other websites. With over 90 percent of all buyers finding their home online, this is a tremendous value-added service that we deliver. With the Save Now Realty marketing platform, the whole world will quickly know all about your home for sale!


Show The Home

Save Now Realty will bring the Buyers and we will help you get Ready!

One of the most challenging aspects of selling any property is meeting the scheduling demands of buyers.

The Save Now Realty team of full-time Agents keep flexible hours and weekends to make sure that we can present your home to all buyers. When the buyers start requesting more information and want to see your home, we will be right there to help.



Financing and Closing

Making sure a buyer is qualified is a critical aspect of successfully selling a property.  Save Now Realty represents you to make sure that every buyer is qualified to buy your home with verified financing.

We will manage the contracts from offers to closing escrow. As a Full-Service real estate team, we make sure that the entire process is handled efficiently and correctly.




Our Results define your Success… over 1500+ homes Sold!

Every customer receives the benefits of our experience and optimized real estate technology to serve you better. We guarantee that you will get top dollar for your property when sold. You will quickly understand how we provide the winning combination of great service and total value.

With the commissions you Save by working with Save Now Realty,

You will bank more money every time than with any other Agent in the Central Valley.





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