Save Now Realty Seller’s Program

2.99% Total Commission!

How can We offer you this amazing price for full-service real estate services?

Real estate commissions are paid by the seller of each property.

Typically, you pay a total of 6% commission paid to sell your home. The most common commission rate is 6% of the final sale price. Most Seller’s Agents will work to sell your property for 3% of the sales price and you will pay the Buyer’s Agent another 3%.

Technology and an Experienced team enable us to be more efficient to help customers at a lower cost. Over the years, we have discounted our services when representing properties with various real groups of estate investors. We are Now offering similar discounts to you with the Save Now Realty 2.99% Program.

Compare Us & Save:  

Save Now Realty already has buyers for houses in your area!

Save Now Realty is dedicated to delivering the most affordable and effective way to sell homes.  With our 2.99% Seller’s Program you SAVE & Keep more of your hard-earned money than with any other Real Estate Agent or Broker. With us, pay only a Total of 2.99% commission to sell your home.


Only Save Now Realty offers the same Full-Service Real Estate services that cost Less than 50% of other real estate Agents services.



How much can you Save with SAVE Now Realty?


2018 Homes Sold in Merced County



The Save Now Realty 2.99% Full-Service Real Estate program provides you the following:

Save Now Realty will work closely with you to prepare and market your home for sale at the best price.

  • Our team will analyze the current real estate area comparable properties to identify the best way to market your home and determine the market value. We will quickly create the marketing materials and marketing program to get the attention of prospective buyers.

  • Save Now Realty will bring you qualified buyers to you see your property and support the closure of the transaction.

  • Save Now Realty will save you the 3% additional cost that would normally be paid to the buyer’s Agent. You save because we do not charge you the additional 3% commission when we find you qualified buyers.

  • Our team will evaluate each offer and work on your behalf to negotiate the best final sales price. We will finalize the terms of the contract and close the sale of your property.



The Save Now Realty 2.99% Full-Service Real Estate program:

Use a Top 10 Agent from Save Now Realty and SAVE!

SaveNow will assist you every step of the way through the selling process to ensure that your transaction closes as smoothly as possible.

Below is an overview of some of the more important items found in our Full-Service Real Estate program. Full-Service is what you can expect from our successful Team of Real Estate Professionals. With Experience of more than 1500+ properties Sold, Save Now Realty delivers the Best Results.


  1. Review Comparable Marketing Analysis & Market conditions report

  2. Present Agent credentials and sales performance records

  3. Submit pricing strategies to increase property resale value

  4. Review the Listing Agreement

  5. Prepare detailed property information for MLS and Marketing

  6. Create & submit MLS listing 

  7. Begin Internet & Social Media Marketing

  8. Print Professional Marketing brochures & Install yard signs

  9. Schedule Open House time/dates

  10. Show property to interested buyers

  11. Review & Qualify Offer to Purchase contracts

  12. Negotiate counter-offers, acceptance or amendments to contracts

  13. Deposit buyer’s earnest money in an escrow account

  14. Coordinate appraisals & inspections

  15. Review repairs & buyer contingencies

  16. Final Walk-through

  17. Follow up after Closing

Save Now Realty delivers the same Full-Service Real Estate services and you SAVE!



Just 15 minutes will Save you Thousands!

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Customer Reviews

Very helpful!

The Save Now team was very helpful during the process since this was the first home purchase on my own. They also helped me contact a home inspector that was reliable as well as referring some financial planners. I was very pleased with their expertise and am happy in my home.
- Al B.

Repeat Customer

My family has used the Save Now team more than once for both buying and selling. Absolutely amazing! Very honest and knowledgeable and 100% there for her clients
- Kevin T.


The Save Now team was extremely knowledgeable and helpful getting our home at the price we wanted. We would recommend them to anyone and use Save Now again ourselves.
- Rob N.